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In our FAQ you can learn more about the use of the girdles to choose your ideal garment.

Where can I buy Fajas Body Flex products?

  1. Direct purchases
    Direct factory sale located on Carrera 80 # 47-75 Interior 401, Medellin- Colombia.
    Regional permanent address through the line (+57) (4) 4440417 Ext 1001
    Domestic shipments through the line (+57) 3148285960.
    International shipments through the line (+57) 3207311754
    Online shopping
  2. Purchases to distributors:We have distributors of our own brand inside and outside of the country. See Authorized Distributors

How to choose my size?

The strips may help you shape and enhance the authentic figure of your body, but it will always be necessary to choose the right one to obtain good results and show them in the most aesthetic, comfortable and safest way.

To help you choose your daily use shapes, we have firmly designed some measurements tables which can be a guide for you to identify the suggested size for you.

See measurements table.

  • To choose the size of your post-surgical, post-delivery garments or those you use to complement treatments or aesthetic procedures, remember to follow the recommendations of your specialist.

Can I request girdles for me?

Can I request girdles for me?

In Fajas Body Flex we comprehend that each body is different, unique and real, for this reason we have the service of “special bands”, with which we fully intend that you will be able to have a tight garment for what you expect when the line products’ features do not suit your needs.

To obtain your measured girdles, we may present the following alternatives:

  • Modifications: It is just when you want to make necessary changes to the line garments (put or remove back, legs, and adhesive, among others) or either when you wish to adjust the garment to the specific measurements of your body.
  • Special girdles: These are garments that are mostly made under the customer’s instructions and also through our advisor’s suggestions (color, size, characteristics, among others) seeking to satisfy all your wishes.v

What happens if I use a smaller size than appropriate?

All taken to extremes might be harmful, that’s why we recommend you use the correct size in your belt; if this one is smaller, it could cause various health affections, cause the advanced damage of the garment thanks to a generated and unreasonable elongation which does not guarantee its quality, Moreover that, can also happen that the garment shows notoriously unaesthetic markings; likewise if it is a larger size it may not build the results one might expect.

What types of care should I have when putting on my Body Flex girdle?

You must basically keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Before wearing the garment, make sure that it is in perfect condition.
  • Make sure your hands are both clean and dry.
  • Avoid using rings, handles or any sharp element when you put on the garment.
  • Pull the garment from the sides, in order to avoid any ruptures on tissues, fabrics and seams.
  • Verify that the badge is fastened correctly.
  • Do not wear it anymore in case of allergies or skin reactions.
  • Forbidden to wear during the pregnancy.
  • It must not be worn if you suffer from asthma, hypertension, and diseases of the colon or skin.
  • Putting on your girdles in the right way will help you to look much better though, as well as feel more comfortable, highlight your beauty and avoid any kind of damage caused by misuse. See article How to put on your Body Flex girdles?

Can I apply creams or reducing gels before putting on my girdle?

By wearing girdles you could put body creams, reducing gels or oils, only if you make sure that your skin is completely dry before putting on your girdle, for avoiding humidity that might affect your health and the garment’s condition.

Should I put on underwear with my girdle?

The most important is that for hygiene, you always wear underwear under your belt, in case you decide not to do so, we advise using an intimate protector, place it without removing the adhesive so it does not stick to the belt. Furthermore, we suggest that the intimate garment that you wear be as much discreet as you can to avoid that it coils and generates markings; with all these recommendations you can manipulate your clothes better seeking for more comfort when going to the bathroom.

How many girdles are recommended to have for a postsurgical treatment?

At this stage it is quite essential to have at least two girdles, so that you can not only change them but also clean them when necessary and thus avoid affections by the corporal fluids retained in the garment. This will also be very pretty much useful when you need to adjust the size of your girdles for you can do it one by one without having to suspend its use.

How can I select my girdle for postpartum use?

Most of the girdles that are found in our portfolio are an excellent option for postpartum use, from the most complete girdles, to the waistband can be ideal for you, the most important thing is that you can identify the one that provides the molding and the comfort that you want.

Some of our most recommended girdles for postpartum use are Ref. 028R and others with abdominal reinforcement (Ref 010R, Ref 010CR, Ref 010CRN, Ref 004R, 028RN, 024R, 024RN, 022R), which are ideal for supplying a greater belly mold.

It is pretty important to have into account that the postpartum use of compression garments shall be authorized by your doctor, who according to each case will surely know how to indicate the right moment to start wearing them and will also give you the necessary tips or recommendations for your successful recovery.

How should I wash my Body Flex girdles?

We may recommend you wash your Body Flex girdles periodically, mostly after each use, but depending on the conditions of your body though, what you wear it for and for how long a day, you can indicate a different wash time, then it is recommended that you have at least two garments to generate adequate asepsis without the need to suspend its use.

Hand wash them with cold water and neutral soap or if using a washing machine then put the garment into the special washing bag.
Do not use bleaches.
Do not twist them.
Do not use dryers; let them dry in the shade.
Do not iron them

Do Body Flex girdles help you lose weight?

It is quite important to know well that the girdles help to mold and enhance the authentic beauty of your shape, and when you wear them, an immediate effect of reduction of measurements is generated; nonetheless, by themselves they will not make your body look thin.  Definitely, you can achieve the expected results due to your constant use of them along with your healthy lifestyle habits so this way they can be not only spinned out but also immensely noticeable.

Do the black girdles dry the body?

It is absolutely false that the black girdles are less effective. Our black girdles and garments are ideal to be worn with your dark clothes and can be also an excellent alternative to feel sensual.

Can I reduce or adjust the size of my girdle?

Yes, it is possible though. The size of your girdle can be either reduced or adjusted (Fajas Body Flex gives you away the first reduction of measurements of your garment). You just have to keep in mind that the ideal thing is that you for nothing at all make more than 4 adjustments of measurement reduction to your girdle whatsoever, to ensure that the garment retains its original bite or nibble.

When should I reduce the size of my girdles?

You will get to know that you must reduce the size of your girdle when you notice that it no longer generates the same compression or molds your body as at the beginning; It will also be quite important to reduce measures to your girdles when surgeries are made to you, treatments or aesthetic procedures which generate loss of measurements to your shape though.

How can I make a change?

Most of our products are considered intimate garments; it is for this reason that the changes are tied to be approved by a thorough quality process. Changes may be made up to 30 calendar days after the legal purchase, the garments is supposed to keep the asepsis, label and packaging in which it was delivered and preferably have with you the purchase invoice for the due process.

Which guarantee do Fajas Body Flex products have?

All of our garments are truly guaranteed for 30 calendar days due to manufacturing defects. You need to send the garment to the point of sale located in Carrera 80 # 47-75 Interior 401; to pass through the due quality process where the viability of the guarantee is firstly identified; that is why we may recommend you to follow our instructions in order to avoid any kinds of damage caused by misuse.

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