How to choose your ideal girdle?


The girdles can help you out mold and enhance your authentic shape, but it will always be necessary to select the right one so that you can obtain good results and show them in an aesthetic, comfortable and safe way.

The content of this article shall help you identify valuable tools to choose the girdles that are closest to your ideals and that best highlight your beauty though.

Keep in mind…

The use you really want to give them

  • Post-surgical: This type of girdles are the most complete because their main function is to support the recovery process and the results expected after a surgery, procedure or aesthetic treatment. Most of these girdles have a semi-covered back and shape the body approximately up to the knees; you will also find other references which basically cause more molding in different parts of the body.


  • Daily: In this part of our portfolio you might find a large variety of designs, so that you have different options according to what you are going to wear and the exact body parts that you want to mold. Wearing our girdles every single day can be the ideal complement to look and feel good. Bear in mind that the girdles and garments of all our categories can also be worn as daily use.


  • Postpartum: Both daily use, post-surgical use and medium control girdles may be appropriate for postpartum use. The most important thing is that you select the girdle which provides the molding and comfort you are needing at this stage, preferably with the approval and advice of your specialist to wear them.


  • Sports: Wearing medium control girdles during physical activity can be such a good alternative owing to they provide freedom of movement. Another good option may be the waistbands and the latex belt that encourage the elimination of toxins through sweating. We allow ourselves to let you know you that these garments have not been specially designed for sports use.


The sizing 

  • To choose your daily use girdles, we have precisely designed some tables of measurements which can be a perfect guide for you to identify the suggested size for you.
  • Remember to follow the recommendations of your specialist when selecting the size of your girdles for postsurgical, postpartum or to complement a treatment or aesthetic procedure.
  • We also remind you that wearing a smaller size than the right one could cause you affections and the anticipated damage of the garment; likewise, wearing a larger girdle than the ideal band may not give you the expected molding and enhancement.


The color

  • Beige: This is a very classic and versatile option to be worn with light-colored garments; it may also be suggested for postsurgical uses, since it provides greater asepsis thanks to the fact that dirt, stains and fluids are more easily identified in the garment.


  • Black: Our girdles and garments of this color are ideal to wear with your dark clothes and might be such an excellent alternative to feel sensual.

For daily use we suggest you have both colors so you can wear the one that best matches your clothes.


The compression

  • Strong: Here is a list of our products with latex and girdles with abdominal reinforcement, which are commonly used by very tolerant people to compression garments in order to obtain demanding results especially in the abdominal area..


  • High: All the postsurgical and daily use girdles for both men and women manufactured in powernet without abdominal reinforcement are of high compression, therefore being chosen by most of our clients because it is an intermediate point between molding and comfort.


  • Medium: This one instead, is an excellent option since it carries out a more moderate compression, as being ideal for people who are not used to wearing girdles and for the first days of a postsurgical.


Leg length

  • Short leg: This length is nowadays appropriate for shorts, skirts and short dresses


  • Half leg: These, by the way go to mid-thigh (they are just a little longer than short leg girdles), thus, ideal for wearing with knee-length garments.


  • Capri:These ones somehow reach the knee or a little lower depending on your height. It is the length used in all our postsurgical girdles what allows a better blood circulation and a proper molding of the legs. As for daily use, it is an ideal length to wear them with pants or jeans and helps to disguise the appearance of cellulite with outer garments.

These are some of the aspects which might help you choosing your girdles; nevertheless, we know that each human being is unique, so when you need it, we may give you more advice so that you feel identified and comfortable with Fajas Body Flex.

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