¿Cómo ponerte tus fajas Body Flex?


Putting on your girdles in the right way will help you greatly to look much better, feel more comfortable, highlight your beauty and avoid any damage caused mainly by misuse.

1. Check carefully that the garment is to the right and that the bottom closure is completely closed.









2.Introduce each leg, raise the garment to the hips so carefully and suit your buttocks properly.









3.Raise the garment up to the waist; insert your hands into the top strips.











4. When you have the garment completely on, proceed to fasten the badges bottom up.










5. Now you will have and enjoy a cozy girdle and you will be also ready to show off and highlight your beauty the best way.










Referencia 010CN

In the case your girdle has silicone lace on the leg, put it on gently and do not pull it off this part.







Referencia 400N

If you are going to wear a waistband start to fasten it bottom up and make sure that the side seams are centered.