Important information on the use of girdles


 Many specialists seriously consider that the use of girdles is quite essential to obtain excellent results during the postoperative period of plastic surgeries and treatments or aesthetic procedures as well. Some benefits given to the use of these garments are just because they help the adhesion of the skin to the muscular tissues, enhance the lymphatic drainage, promote the closure of the tunnels generated by the introduction of the cannula and significantly reduce inflammation.

At this stage it is more than essential to have even two or more girdles so that you can change them and clean them when you need it and this way avoid any kind of affections by the corporal fluids retained in the garment.

  • Each body is completely different and we must learn to listen to its signal
    though. If you should observe any unfavorable reaction, you must immediately suspend the use of your belts, likewise if you suffer from irritations or skin allergies or if by health you have any restriction in which is not recommended the use of compression garments, then it is important that you see the doctor before using them; take into account that it is also essential to read the labels in which the instructions for use are indicated, as this information contributes to your experience being positive for both your well-being and beauty.
  • It is imperative to say that all extremes can be really harmful, that’s why we
    recommend you use the correct size in your shape; if it is smaller, it could cause various health conditions and cause the premature damage of the garment, and if the size is even larger it may not generate the expected results.
  • We allow ourselves to recommend you wear your girdle for up to eight hours,
    giving your body the enough rest and relaxation especially at night while you sleep; except when your specialist advises you a different time of use.
  • While you wear our compression garments, these can provide some relief, help
    you mold and enhance your shape, contribute to keep a good posture and thanks to its effect you could then satisfy the appetite even faster; Indeed if you have different expectations it is valuable that you let us give you a more complete advice.
  • We may recommend you wash your garments carefully before using them for
    the first time, except when it is a sterilized garment such as our postsurgical girdles.

• The use of girdles actually brings lots of benefits, yet remember that you
might obtain more lasting results if these are the complement of a healthy lifestyle, in which you include physical activity, a well-balanced diet and a proper rest.

In Fajas Body Flex we are such attentive to provide you with the necessary information so you may experience that using our products is just remarkable.