About us

We are a Colombian company founded in 2002, aimed at shaping and enhancing the inner and outer beauty of our customers by means of the manufacture, marketing and export of post-surgical and daily use girdles which are just designed to generate comfort, safety and confidence.


In Fajas Body Flex S.A S., we inspire the transformation of the being, so that you love yourself and enjoy your body as well.

Company Mission

In Fajas Body Flex S. A. S. we heighten the beauty of both women and men through garments which authentically mold each being’s shape, generating comfort as well inspiring confidence and self-love.

Company vision

For the year 2020 in Fajas Body Flex S. A. S. we will hopefully grow 100%, increasingly participating in both the national and international market; turning into the number one brand at the heart of our customers and decisively standing out as a benchmark for innovation, inspiration and self-esteem.

The beginning of our history

Since before I was born, my mother, Magdalena Gómez, was a dressmaker. She had her tailoring workshop where we used to live and although the walls were still in black construction, the fabrics’ colors and the smiles of her happy customers also embellished our home.

One day a bright idea got into my mother’s mind.  She got the fabulous idea of ​​why not designing a control body to mold her customers’ bodies, thinking as well that putting on the clothes she made them; they would start feeling even more beautiful or graceful. I can recall her joy when they looked themselves in the mirror and touched their abdomens amazed by seeing their shapes defined with charming curves now.

When the pieces of fabrics fell onto the floor, both my brother and I, then used to play with them and I still remember that he usually told me: “Little sister, do not distract her so that she can finish quickly and can play with us though” and she always able to find a way to entertain us and dedicate the enough time to us while she was making his creations.

I keep a record that she used to tell me that even though she learnt by herself, she always knew how to make the molds and join the pieces of her designs, all thanks to what she deeply searched in her heart; she actually slept many times with a notebook besides her bed, because she often dreamed of the way she should make the molds and got up to put them on paper.

Some years later, in 2002 one of my aunts underwent plastic surgery and asked my mother to make a special girdle for this procedure. She made it with great difficulty, given that she neither had the right machines, nor the proper supplies, ¡but she could successfully make it!  When my aunt visited the surgeon, he was amazed by the girdle and then asked where she had gotten it from, knowing that they were made by her sister, he rapidly ordered her some samples; So, if making only one girdle had been too hard for her, making even more would be a real odyssey, yet, she was able to make them and in this way she started to construct this fantastic story.

At that time, my mother took the chance of giving us I a different kind of life, with even more possibilities to go ahead and having as well a much better education that would help us discover our talents, but nothing would be as valuable as the teaching of looking inside our hearts.

Even if, she did not have the enough economic resources to start her new business, this would not be any kind of obstacle or impediment; so she made a loan in order to buy the first fabrics that represented the illusion of a different life and she looked for the best way to start this path.

Nowadays at Fajas Body Flex we are many who firmly continue with this legacy of promoting acceptance, self-love, the being’s transformation and mainly enjoy your body.

Thank you mom for daring to dream!


¿Do you want to belong to our family and spread our goal? Become a distributor of our brand and live our essence.