Through our privacy policy for web information management we are allowed to establish all the terms in which Fajas Body Flex not only uses but also protects the data provided by its users when registering, making a purchase or enrolling in the newsletter, for we are more than 100% committed to your security. When personal information is requested, we make sure that it will only be used in accordance with the data protection policies of Fajas Body Flex and what is stipulated on this report; taking into account obviously that these may be modified at any time. Thus, we suggest the checking and constant approval of them.


The main purpose of collecting the information through our website is for the company to get closer and closer to the wishes of its users, also to know them and to identify our new prospects, to keep records of purchases, databases and to improve the quality of service and products. To accomplish this out, the users who provide their personal data may be receiving either calls, messages, emails and / or physical communications with information of great interest about our brand, having into account that they are also allowed to express at any time their desires not to receive such information.

Fajas Body Flex is more than committed to the security of our users’ information, we do have advanced systems and update them as well in a timely manner to be sure that there is no unauthorized access.


This is precisely referred to the files sent asking for permission to be stored on the computer, as soon as the user authorizes them, allows us immediately to get such relevant information according to the web traffic and facilitates visits to a recurring website. It also generates the specific recognition of each user for personalized attention.

On our website cookies are mainly used to identify visits to the page and its frequency as well, this information is used only for keeping statistical analysis and is permanently deleted. The cookies help us to provide a much better service of the websites without giving any access to the private information of each computer or of each person unless the user provides it directly.

Cookies can be removed at any time from each computer and the use of these can be accepted or denied by you; yet most browsers automatically accept them supplying a greater web service. Even the computer can be set to decline cookies, taking into account that in that case some of our web services may not be used normally.


Our website might contain links to other interesting sites, in which their own privacy policies will be ruled, no longer having Fajas Body Flex any kind of responsibility with the protection of the data provided in these new sites, hence it is highly recommended to know and to accept the privacy policies of each website on which you wish to browse.


Our users could decide at any moment to provide us or restrict the use of personal information that is supplied through our website. The company will not sell, assign or even share the personal information that is gathered without the knowledge of the user, except in the case that is will be required by a judge with a court order.


This policy is well defined according with the Law 1581 of 2012, which aims to dictate the general provisions for protecting the personal data and greatly develop the constitutional right that everyone has for knowing, updating and rectifying the information that has been gathered about them in databases or files as well as the right to information.

Hence, Fajas Body Flex S. A. S., considering its condition as the only responsible for the treatment of personal data that it takes, is allowed to formulate this text for making effective fulfillment to all of these regulations and especially for the inquiries and complaints’ attention about the treatment of personal data piled and managed by Fajas Body Flex S. A. S., the right to Habeas Data is that one which everyone has to know, update and rectify the information that has been collected about it in databases and files of public or private nature, and warrants all citizens the power of making decisions and the control over their personal information.

As a result, Fajas Body Flex S. A. S. welcomes such provisions considering that, for the correct development of its corporate purpose; it is constantly compiling and bringing about various treatments to databases of its customers, shareholders, suppliers, business partners or employees.

Under the above, and according with the legal and corporate duty of Fajas Body Flex S. A. S. to protect the right to privacy of people, in addition to the power to know, update or request the information that is stored in databases, Fajas Body Flex SAS has carefully and responsibly designed the present policy of handling personal information and databases in which it describes and explains the treatment of the Personal Information to which you may access through our website, emails, physical information (invoices), text messages, voicemail, App, phone calls, face-to-face, physical or electronic means, current or in the future are developed as other communications sent and also through third parties who  participate in our business or legal relationship with all our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, strategic and linked allies.

This policy will be adjusted as in the regulations applicable to the matter are implemented and new provisions start to be valid.

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