To Fajas Body flex, the beauty of each body is understood as highly valuable and that condition of being real makes us not only authentic but also special; therefore we try to have a diversity of styles in our product portfolio; in addition to this we also have the modification and adjustment of our garments, as long as the business policies and the mold of each product allow us to do so.


  • Carry out mends or improvements to hand-me-downs.

Put or remove back.
Cut leg.
Add bottom closure.
Hips’ fabric Change
Change of badge.
Add clips
Reduce brooches
Add or change silicone elastic
Change of lace
Adjustment in waist


  • Alter the line garments at the time of shopping (new garments)

Leg cut
Sleeve cut
Brooch cutting
Size reduction
Modify back
Add silicone elastic
Add bottom closure

Para nuestra categoría de Belleza en frío no aplican estos servicios


Nuestros productos de látex (cinturillas Ref. 400 y Ref. 400N y cinturón Ref. 401N) por su diseño y materiales podrán tener los siguientes ajustes con valores y tiempos de entrega diferentes:

  • Reforzar costuras
  • Cambio de abrochaduras
  • Cambio de varillas
  • Reforzar costura en sesgo
  • Reposición de cuerpos de látex
  • Reposición de forro interno

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